About Us

Foundation For Hudson Training Center Inc.

At our foundation, we recognize the importance of education for sustainable development. The implementation of our educational programs contributes in a friendly way to the training of students, which we support them from the beginning. We are committed to creating a more solid and professional society with good values.

The Foundation creates educational spaces with Educational and Social Studies from a different perspective in various areas such as Plumbing, Electricity, Refrigeration, Heating, and OSHA Certifications among others. We have the analysis of professors and associate experts belonging to prestigious institutions at a local and international level.

Our foundation promotes initiatives that can transform and improve lifestyles by opening new fields and opportunities for both young people and children who come to our foundation.

We are committed to quality education, we believe in a modern education, updated and in accordance with the new times and at the same time we innovate in our sector.

All of our projects are aimed at both youth and children in our community. We are currently driven under our select HTCFuture teaching program which is a digital education program sponsored by our Hudson Training Center Technical Learning Institute.


Our mission is to train people who are responsible and committed to society who, in turn, are transforming agents and contribute their professional knowledge in a changing world that is more demanding.


We want our Foundation to serve as a model of Quality Educational training, which responds to the needs of our Educational Community and its environment, offering an efficient service to the community.


Permanent search for professional technical sense, human value and family, guided at all times by the affable service to our community to guide all our members on a good path.

Thank you for having us as an option to fulfill your dreams

Our Foundation's mission is to train highly qualified professionals, from a humanistic approach with a professional and social sense.