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We promote talent to generate positive changes in our society

We are a Foundation that strengthens knowledge and skills

We work to develop educational projects, as well as establish collaboration agreements with organizations and entities related to our mission to achieve our objectives. Our mission is to create a new society for the future that inspires a stronger, more prepared and confident community. Our education is based on active and participatory learning where we help our students to achieve their educational goals with a high degree of quality.




Our mission is to train people who are responsible and committed to society who, in turn, are transforming agents and contribute their professional knowledge in a changing world that is more demanding.


We want our Foundation to serve as a model of Quality Educational training, which responds to the needs of our Educational Community and its environment, offering an efficient service to the community.


Permanent search for professional technical sense, human value and family, guided at all times by the affable service to our community to guide all our members on a good path.

Thank you for having us as an option to fulfill your dreams

Our Foundation's mission is to train highly qualified professionals, from a humanistic approach with a professional and social sense.

We offer online events, such as such as courses, workshops, and certifications

The new methodologies that we apply in our foundation, based on digital, face-to-face education and other tools, aim for the student to have learning resources in the palm of their hand. Digital tools are a gateway to the future. This training activity is aimed at all public who want to get closer to our foundation in order to change their life with our offer that aims to provide opportunities to acquire, perfect, renew or disseminate knowledge and / or skills from our HTCFuture platform in an educational market that it becomes more and more demanding.

Work areas

The Hudson Training Center INC Foundation is functionally organized in the following areas:

  • Educational Action
  • People Development
  • Educational Innovation
  • Creativity and Logical Thinking
  • Strengthening Projects

Each one of them has a person in charge who assumes the direction and coordination of the same. For the promotion and development of the tasks entrusted, each area manager has a highly qualified permanent team.

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